Stop 5 - Pollinator Habitat

The planted prairie in front of, and around, the nature center is one place where you will find native pollinators like Monarch Butterflies and native bees busy at work. 

Do you see any butterflies or bees flying around? 

We hear a lot about honeybees in the news, but honeybees are not native to the U.S. There are over 4,000 species of bees native to North America though! Along with the non-native honeybees, and with help from native wasps, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and even some beetles, our native bees insure we can enjoy a wide variety of delicious fruits, vegetables on our plates at every meal.

The Naperville Park District is dedicated to the conservation of native pollinators like Monarch Butterflies. Several parks have been designated as Monarch Waystations, habitats where female Monarchs can lay their eggs on Milkweed plants and all Monarchs can find nectaring plants to feed on as they migrate north in the summer and south in the fall. 

The Knoch Knolls Park Monarch Waystation is located along the creek and on the west side of the pond.

To learn more about Monarchs and planting native plants in your yard, visit: